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French Process zinc oxide is a white, odourless powder possessing high brightness, a high refractive index and a   relatively fine particle size.
  • Zinc oxide is insoluble in water, solvents and neutral oils.
  • Zinc oxide is soluble in both strong acids and alkalis.
  • Zinc oxide has a chemical properties which impede the growth of fungi, mildew and mold.

Rubber Applications Latex Adhesives and Tape Wiring applications

  • Zinc oxide is used in rubber and latex compounds as an activator in the curing and vulcanization process.
  • Zinc oxide is used as a reinforcing agent adding durability and abrasion resistance.
  • Zinc oxide is a raw material which aids in protecting rubber from harmful UV rays

Lube oil Other additives Zinc chemicals Dispersions Chemicals

  • Zinc oxide is used to manufacture chemicals for different applications.
  • Zinc dispersions are used as ingredients in the vulcanizing of rubber.
  • Zinc salts are used in the production of plastics.
  • Zinc borate and zinc chlorides are used in flame-retardants.
  • Zinc diacrylate is a key ingredient in the manufacturing of golf balls.
  • Anti-corrosion materials such as zinc chromate and anti-wear additives such as zinc dithiophosphates for the lubricant industry are manufactured using zinc oxide.
  • Zinc oxide can be dissolved in phosphoric acid for use in the coating and metal priming industry.
  • Zinc oxide can be dissolved in sulphuric acid for electroplating.

Paints and Coatings
  • Zinc oxide is used in both water and solvent based formulations.
  • Zinc oxide can be used as a pigment as well as an excellent brightener.
  • Zinc oxide is also an additive which absorbs UV rays to extend colour retention.
  • Zinc oxide is an excellent inhibitor of fungi, mildew and mould.

Ceramics and Glass

  • Zinc oxide is used to manufacture glazes and acts as an opacifier or whitener.
  • Zinc oxide's low coefficient of thermal expansion improves resistance to thermal and mechanical shock, most notably in glass.
  • In the frit industry, zinc oxide enhances colour and clarity.
  • Zinc oxide's high refractive index makes it an excellent raw material for manufacturing optical glass.
  • Zinc oxide is used in the varistor and ferrite industries to manufacture ceramic components which protect against lightning and voltage surges.
Pharmaceuticals Food Cosmetic Ointments Vitamins

  • USP zinc Oxide is used in the production of lotions, sunscreens, and diaper rash prevention creams.
  • USP zinc oxide is used by cosmetic manufacturers  a UV absorber.
  • USP zinc oxide is used by manufacturers of dietary supplements.
  • USP zinc oxide is used to manufacture zinc gluconate, now found in cold prevention lozenges.

Animal Feed & Agricultural Fertilizers
  • Zinc oxide is an essential micronutrient used in feed mixes and promotes proper growth in animals.
  • Zinc oxide is used in the manufacturing of soil fertilizers.
  • Zinc supplements have been shown to increase crop yields and can play a role in enzyme systems to regulate plant growth.

  • Zinc oxide provides excellent UV stability and resistance in plastics, particularly outdoor weathering polypropylenes.
  • Zinc oxide can impart heat resistance properties.


Sr. No. Item Zinc Oxide Type White Seal
1 Zinc Oxide (ZnO) % Min 99.50
2 Lead Content (Pb) % Max 0.15
3 Cadmium content (Cd) % Max 0.2
4 Iron Content (Fe) % Max 0.05
5 Aluminium Content (Al) % Max 0.2
6 Silicon Oxide (Al203) % Max 0.2
7 Cl % Max 0.2
8 Residue on sieve (325 mesh) % Max 0.1
09 Appearance   White Powder


Sr. No. Item Zinc Oxide Type White Seal
1 Zinc Oxide (ZnO) % Min 99.5
2 Heat loss @110ºC/1 Hour % Max 0.5
3 Water soluble % Max 0.2
4 Fineness through ASTM 325 mesh % Max 0.1
5 Specific Gravity @25/25 ºC % Max 5.7
6 Lead % Max 0.15
7 Sulphur % Max 0.02
8 Copper % Max 20 ppm
9 Magnese % Max 10 ppm
10 Appearance   White Powder